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  • Only men drink alcohol, except Tia Maria which is only drunk by women
  • It’s not possible to like beer and not like football
  • There are only 3 things important in a women’s life: washing clothes and talking about it, cooking food using packets of processed crap for their families and having men that drink beer and watch football whistle at them in the street
  • A flooded street corner is “News”. It deserves a 20 minute live segment
  • Commercials that take up half the screen and have sound are to be shown during a football match.
  • By law, football commentary must mention Diego Maradona every 45 seconds
  • In case they forget what they are watching, it’s advisable to run a trailer for the program you are showing during that very same program
  • Argentina has already won the 2010 World Cup. It’s just that the rest of the world doesn’t know it yet
  • Light entertainment shows kill your soul just a little bit each time you watch them
  • To be a star on Argentinian TV it’s important that you don’t actually look real
Susana Gimenez

Argentine Megastar 66-year old Susana Gimenez

Ricardo Fort

Chocolate Heir and Reality TV Star Ricardo Fort

Just in case you think I’m being overly harsh on Argentinian TV, I give you this, from Senorita Gimenez herself, Argentina’s biggest TV star. This show is real, and it wins prizes.