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So, who are you?

jontyjago aka The Gringo Starr, althought my passport says Jonathan Evans, whoever that might be.

Where are you?

At this precise moment I’m in Lima, Peru. By the time you read this I probably won’t be – regular reading of the blog is the best way to keep on top of my movements.

What are you doing and why?

I’m travelling round South America, avoiding work, since November 2008.

Avoiding work? How do you manage that?

By selling my kidneys. I was born with 27 and only need one so it works out quite nicely for all concerned. I have 16 left.

Where in South America have you been?

Argentina, Uruguay, back to Argentina, Brazil briefly then Paraguay and back to Argentina. Chile briefly, then Argentina again. A week later back briefly into Chile before back to Argentina. I then went back to Uruguay, onto Brazil and back to Argentina. After a break I took a bus to Bolivia and another to Peru. Then I went back to Argentina. For two months I went to the US where I saw, but did not visit Canada. Then back to Argentina. Home to England for a month, then flew to Colombia. Crossed into Peru and caught a boat and bus and into Ecuador. Back to Colombia and finally back to Argentina again. Well, you did ask.

Where are you going next?

To bed, it’s late.

What’s been your favourite bit so far?

Hmmm, so many. Hard to know where to start – Machu Picchu was truly amazing, as was lunch yesterday.

How do you travel?

By bus mainly, although I have taken planes both big and small, rowing boats, taxis, motorbike taxis, motorbikes, cars, 4×4 trucks, canoes, ferries and bikes. I am yet to ride an animal which I’m OK with.

What’s your favourite food?

Ooh, this is like a Smash Hits interview! I love my Mum’s Rock Cakes! Ahem, seriously if we’re talking South America, would have to be ceviche at the moment, although that could change at any moment. Past favourites have included a great Bife de Lomo  (Argentina), Arroz de Chaufa (Peru) or a humble empanada and a bowl of Locro (Argentinian Corn Soup).

Are you ever going to grow up and get a proper job?

No. Would you?

I want to buy for enough money that you will be able to retire tomorrow. How can I contact you?

Leave me a comment here, or send me a mail to thegringostarr at Be aware, I have several expensive drug habits, so the offer had better be good.

You are amazing! Where else can I read things you write? Do you write about tins of corn anywhere?

Why! Yes, I do! I am currently reviewing 17 different types of tinned corn over at CornWars! Come on over!