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So, after a few puzzled frowns and huffing and puffing, Laura got stamped into Ecuador for the next 90 days which was a relief as the Peru-Ecuador border was not the nicest place I’ve ever been and I really didn’t fancy getting stuck there. In fact, in general terms, there’s something distinctly unsettling about border towns over here. They mostly seem to follow the same pattern of stalls selling every type of shoddy crap imaginable, dodgy looking men sitting around, dodgy looking men offering to change money and dogs. South America has a lof of dogs just wandering around looking mangy, but border towns really excel in this.

But we made it through unmolested and are now in Cuenca which seems to be a nice place, the centre being a Unesco World Heritage site and a living city centre at the same time, I like that.

One thing that is confusing the hell out of me (and I’m spending far too much time thinking about it) is that the official currency of Ecuador is the US Dollar. They don’t have their own currency, cash here is green and has pictures of dead presidents on it. How does that work eh? My mission is to figure that out for you and I’ll report back.