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There are times when it simply just doesn’t work out. We got to Ecuador last Thursday and found a nice relaxing hostel in the historic centre. Friday we just mooched around, Saturday we took a trip up to the Cajas National Park which was beautiful – it contains hundreds of lakes and lagoons, all over 3,200m.

After that however, it started to go a bit wrong, or at least not to plan. I woke up on Sunday feeling like death warmed up, so that was Sunday and Monday out of the way. Tuesday, feeling much better we checked out ready to head to Banos, between Cuenca and Quito. While waiting to pay, I checked my email to find a very alarmed note from a nervous mother pointing out the fact that Banos is situated just 3 miles from a highly active volcano and that the British Foreign Office has been advising against visiting it for the last 3 months.

Now, normally I’m very much a member of the think-positive-and-nothing-bad-will-happen school of travel, but the reports of explosions, molten lava and pyroclastic flows was all alittle bit too much, even for me.

So we sat on a bus for 11 hours and came to Quito. Where Laura has been ill for the last 2 days. So, hopefully, after more than a week, we can actually do something..