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So, after a most wonderful lunch at a place called Punto Azul here in Miraflores, I have decided that I should try and eat Ceviche every day between now and the day I leave Peru. I’d heard of it before coming here but never eaten it, when I was in Cusco last year I was too busy eating English Breakfasts. I won’t be making that mistake again. Ceviche is Peruvian dish of fish and seafood marinated in lime and lemon juice and served with a chili sauce (the wikipedia article¬†gives more details – I particularly like the phrase “endless door” in the first paragrph.)¬†. Now, I’m not the biggest hot food or fish fan in the world but after weeks of chicken and rice, I’m loving it.

On a side note we found out today that Ecuador no longer lets Colombians in. Laura rang the Ecuador Embassy and they confirmed this. She told them that she had Argentinian residency (which is a plus point) but was told that having been to Colombia recently would count against her and the official advice was that she would have to see how she got on with the Immigration Officer at the border. They couldn’t promise anymore than that. Brilliant.