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Spent 10 hours of yesterday bouncing (that’s on a boat not a spacehopper) up the river Amazon to get to Iquitos in Peru, a town of 370,000 people, that has the honour of being the largest city in the world only accessible by boat or air.

It’s a chaotic sort of place, the streets full of motorbikes and mototaxis (tuk-tuks) which make any sort of crossing the road into an interesting challenge, although getting a lift anywhere is easy.

As to getting away, well, we’re limited to air or boat – the plane costs a fortune so boat it is. We’ve been asking around today and it looks like the Henry II is our baby which leaves for Pucallpa on Friday, arriving there 4 days later. We’re going posh and are going to get a “cabin” which is a metal box with bunk beds, but at least we’ll be able to lock it, something you can’t do with the alternative which is stringing up a hammock and holding tightly onto your things for 4 days…