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Six things I learnt in Paraguay

  1. Chickens and ducks like mangoes
  2. If you try to get out of Paraguay without an entry stamp in your passport they fine you 363,000 Guaranis (about $90). If you tell them the bus on the way in didn’t stop at Customs, makes no difference
  3. It is possible to fit a family of 4 on a motorbike
  4. “Haku” (could be spelt wrong) means “Bugger me it’s hot” in Guarani. Used it a lot.
  5. You can buy fireworks from a little fella that comes on the bus
  6. Paraguayans think facial hair means you’re either angry or sad

Am back in Argentina, which honestly feels like a bit of a relief. Paraguay was certainly different and 5 days was just about enough. Enough of standing on buses, which I’ve done a lot of, but did meet some great people, and have certainly seem some things I never thought I’d see. I’m not quite back in Buenos Aires yet, had to stay an extra night in the Argentine town just across the border from Paraguay as couldn’t get on a bus until tonight, but will be back by mid-morning tomorrow. Really kind of looking forward to it..