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Yesterday I moved into a flat where I'll stay for the next 6 weeks or so before heading off on my travels. There's 9 of us, although I've only met 2 so far. I'll stick some photos up soon.

Today I went back to La Recoleta cemetery, where I'd been on my first day when I was here last year. Recoleta is one of the major tourist attractions of Buenos Aires, largely because Evita is buried there. Her tomb is a fairly understated one and always mobbed with visitors and I didn't go to see it this time, well more like couldn't find it. The cemetery is large and unlike European cemeteries has mausoleums and memorials rather than graves. Many of the great and good of Argentine history are here, I spotted 4 Presidents and countless Generals, most of whom I only recognised as they have streets or avenues named after them.

The tombs themselves are basically little chapels that contain the coffins of the dead. They are not buried but are simply lying in full view behind a glass door.

The majority are ornate affairs, but some look like electricity substations. Don't know who Uriburu was but he has a street named after him.

Doesn't get cleaned very often this one.

Guessing this guy was a boxer (not just any old boxer it turns out). Or just didn't get dressed very often.

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