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It’s hot here. Ha, now you’re all jealous aren’t you? And I had a big steak too for lunch. So there.

What a great city Buenos Aires is. Really, it is. It has it all – bars, funky shops, chaotic streets, crazy taxi drivers. In short it is alive. Which makes a huge change from Geneva. Don’t get me wrong, I like Geneva and am very happy I got the opportunity to live there, but even after a day here, it does seem impossible to imagine going back there.

Spent last night in a hotel in town and then made my way over to the hostel in Palermo this morning. The taxi driver tried to sell me some pants, which was a new experience, but then I suspect I’ll be having a lot more of them. New experiences that is, not underwear peddling taxi drivers, although you never know.

The hostel is the same place I stayed last year and hasn’t changed much. Caught up with the guy who runs it who is half French, half Argentianian and he filled me in on all the news from the people I met last year, as well as giving me some tips on where to go on my travels.

Have spent the day with a couple of guys who are also in the hostel, and it already feels like I’ve been here for months. You know that feeling when you do so much in a day you can’t believe it was only a day, it feels like a week? Well, that’s me now, every day, so I will try to get it all down (the bits suitable for publication that is), if only for me.  Should be starting Spanish lessons on Monday.  I do get by OK but I am going to get so much more out of this if I can habla con los locales. Not so much here, but certainly when I start moving around. Plus, you know me, like a bit of language.

Well, it’s nearly 10, and I’m off out, so I will wish you all a pleasant evening and sweet dreams and see you back here soon.